"america 2 : electric boogaloo"
young planet birth from a dark corner

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the 'getxats' icon, and click on the icons below the sliders

ib passed his test
i crave a small helping of phở

waking up is twicer hard
pretended to live in a reality where my only purpose was to clean a kitchen
and then i spent five hours cleaning the kitchen to spotless level
tomorrow morning i will drive back to sac to help ib get to his drivers' test

we lost nonnie last night
i don't know how much more i can do this

let the dog out, she slept hopefully
fearless, last night surrounded by sounds of buck tick and wild
got to call my brother again, maybe someday my sister too
barely holdin it together, last night tryna hold onto epiphany,
now relaying signals back and seeing if tht helps either sides,
perhaps a log of every message i recieve and misperceive,
thinking of javascript, how it'd jus be so neat to see people walking around

hooray website, the feeling is warm and the
iron is hot, my mom's dog sleeps to the
sounds of firework guns while i disobey my sleepy eyes to continue working on the